I am a true crafty novice and this festival has opened my eyes to the many exciting possibilities in my fibre art journey. Thank you so much Luke and Alice.

Such an amazing festival full of like minded people. So much joy and friendship was shared and beautiful connections made, not to mention fabulous learning experiences. A festival to keep coming back to!!

My heart is full, my mind is invigorated and I’m creatively inspired. Never have I felt such soul connections with like minded individuals, each coming together to weave the colourful fabric of the Fibre Arts Festival.

A place to move and learn, create and connect. It is unlike any festival or workshop I have ever been to!

A soul refreshing experience.

A life changing experience. So much positivity and feelings of inclusiveness.

The Fibre Arts festival was so much more than a festival... it was a coming together of a special tribe who shared and appreciated the same things. It was sharing our creativity, laughter and tears and sharing our lives. It was three days of joy and the making of new friends. Amazing facilitators and a beautiful sharing of culture with our Maori neighbours. I can not wait for the next one! Thank you Alice and Luke.

The Fibre Arts Festival offers a fabulous space to rest, play, create and unwind. The combination of having time to immerse in the creative arts and develop new skills, combined with the music, food and wellbeing component was a lovely nourishing mix. A pilgrimage to come back to every year.

The Fibre Arts Festival was a chance for me to do something for myself. To learn new skills, meet new people, challenge myself out of my everyday. It met all my expectations and more. I got frustrated, I befriended like minded souls, I immersed in my environment, I achieved and found joy in my creations and formed new ideas. Thanks to Luke and Alice - you created a community and shared so much of your people - a wonderful experience.

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