This year we launched our our talk segment - FAF Talks.  We had three artists discussing their work, passions and social good projects. 


Think TED talks, but with Fibre Artists.  

We're excited to bring this back in 2020.

Aly de Groot

Aly will share stories behind her woven sculptures that have travelled far and wide to weave the tragic tale of sea life in the plastic age. Her passion for the sea and marine life formed the basis for her recently completed PhD practice led research project titled 'Underwater Basket Weaving: Contemporary Fibre Art in Northern Australia with an Ecological Perspective'. 


Also, keep an eye out for her wild and whimsical sea creatures making guest appearances in unexpected places as a part of a special site specific installation. 

Juliet Arnott from Rekindle NZ

New Zealander Juliet Arnott is known for using resourceful craft to address waste & wellbeing. Her work as craft practitioner & occupational therapist lead her to establish Rekindle, an arts organisation that enables resourceful craft & celebrates how essential it is to create what we need from what we have.


Zetta Kanta

Fibre artist Zetta Kanta works with wool, flax and silk. Using raw and natural fibres, she creates tactile pieces that encourage an emotional response. Her work is underpinned by her philosophy of nurture, mindfulness, and sustainability.

Zetta will take us into her daily practice as a Fibre Artist, discuss her processes and how she manages to create award winning work in small spaces! 

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