Sadly, we know that not everyone can afford this experience and as much as we have kept the ticket price as affordable as we can, we are also very aware that some people are unable to attend the festival.

We have personally seen how much the festival affected peoples general health and wellbeing by being in such a warm, supportive and creative environment.  So, we will be offering four scholarships for those who want to attend the Fibre Arts Festival.

The scholarship covers the cost of admission to the festival, but not travel or other related expenses in getting to the venue.

We want to encourage people of all ages to be creative, explore a range of arts or crafts and see how they can bring it into their own arts and lives, but especially young and emerging fibre artists.

We also see the value of these people being around established artists, who could potentially be a mentor through this program.

Our vision is to create a space that enhances opportunity and connection through fibre arts by making the festival warm, welcoming and inclusive as well as selecting facilitators that are open, giving and approachable for collaborations and sharing of ideas.

We do require two referees as part of the application. 

Applications will open soon, but please stay connected with us to find out when applications open. 

Here are our winners from 2019:

Frankie Thompson

Frankie is a student from Brisbane, currently studying human services to explore her passion for the connections between community development and the creative arts. To her, this year’s Fibre Arts Festival is a fantastic opportunity to develop her creative knowledge and immerse herself within this vibrant community.

Tamar Guse

Tamar is joining us from Waipara, NZ and is a practicing fibre artist. She's excited to expand her creative practice by learning different fibre techniques as well as the opportunity to engage and share ideas with other fibre artists.

Brittany Johnson


Brittany is a student from Sydney and is excited at the opportunity to meet some of the best fibre artists in Australia and expanding her network of basket weaving friends.

Norton Frederick

Retritus is a sustainable textile artist and slow fashion designer specialising in eco dye and felt. Retritus uses only natural fibres, at least 60% upcycled materials and botanical dyes.

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