The Fibre Arts Festival is a new festival based in Australia and was created as a meeting place and gathering for fibre art enthusiasts, like you.

The philosophy of the festival is to create more than an event, but an experience where practicing fibre artists, budding artists and hobbyists would meet, connect and share their ideas and skills.  The first event was held on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland in 2018 and was a huge success! 

We strive to make sure your experience is rich and fulfilling and that's what we agonise over when we look at developing a new event for you.  We not only want the workshops and facilitators to be world class, but your surroundings to be relaxing and peaceful, your food to be nutritious and nurturing as well as create unique spaces throughout the festival for you to really relax, connect and enjoy a cuppa (or wine) with friends.  

So, what happens at the Festival?  The Fibre Arts Festival is a lot more than an 'arts event' but an annual gathering of like minds who want to come together to create, share, nurture and connect with others. ​The festival consists of four workshops that are 3 - 4 hours long with fibre artists from around the world where you will have the opportunity to learn in over 30 workshops.  We are always developing and refining opportunities for you to enjoy the beautiful surroundings by swimming in the waterfall or pool, joining in our gentle daily yoga sessions, going for a walk in the rain forest, enjoying a cup of tea in our new tea house, or just relaxing under a tree. We also have live entertainment, cultural performances as well as a fibre arts market that everyone can be a part of.  

This is more than just workshops, this is a place where we want you to make long lasting connections and friendships and with thanks to you, our facilitators and volunteers, we hope to be bringing you an improved festival experience each and every year.

We want you to create your own experience within the Festival.  You have the ability to do workshops all day or maybe you want to take a session off to enjoy the surroundings, go for a walk in the rain forest, enjoy a swim in the pool or waterfall, have a cuppa in our tea room, visit our gallery and shop, have a massage or enjoy our pop in workshop spaces?

You create the experience you want, with us!  

Our Vision


Our vision is to create a space that enhances opportunity and connection through Fibre arts by making the festival warm, welcoming and inclusive as well as selecting facilitators that are open, giving and approachable for collaborations and sharing of ideas.  


We also see the importance of utalising our platform to help support and raise awareness for social good programs and social enterprises.

Who are we?

We started the Festival a couple of years ago with a single, simple idea.  That idea has now spread and continues to resonate with like minded people who have come on board to support and grow the Festival even more.  We're always open to new ideas or additions to add value to the festival experience, so feel free to contact us. 


We also created and operate Art & Wellbeing which is a platform to share the health and wellbeing benefits of workshops and unique art based experiences and events. 

So, we are feeling lucky and excited to see where this will take us all and we look forward to having you on our journey.

Alice & Luke Spittle

Festival Founders & Directors

Want to get in touch?

Before getting in touch, please make sure you have had a good look around and have read our information page, ticketing and accommodation pages.  These will most likely answer your questions, otherwise please get in touch.

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