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Here is where you will find all the info you need in regards to this years festival.

Please take time to read through this information, before you decide to join us.  We answer all your questions in regards to the basic schedule, overall festival information, ticketing, workshop information, meals, travel information, what you need to bring, how to get to the venue, the Fibre Arts Markets and much more.

Also, the venue has a very strict NO NUT policy.   So, this means they can not have any nuts or nut milks on site whatsoever - including almond. 


You can also read our terms and conditions of entry here.

If you do still have questions, please do get in touch.



When is the next festival?


TBC - 2020 Event has been cancelled

Where is the festival?



Can I just come along for the day?

Sorry, but no you can't. The idea is to stay with us for the entire event with all the other fibre art lovers!

What if I want to leave the event and stay off site? 

You can, but we would love it if you didn't.  Why?  Because it's so important that we all work, eat and laugh together and enjoy not only the workshops, but the friendships afterwards.

Can I bring my kids?

This festival is an 18+ event, so no little ones sorry.

Can my partner come along, but not participate?

Sadly, we are unable to accommodate your partner as we have specific allocations and restrictions within the event and can only accept those who are participating in the full festival program. 

Is there secure parking on site?


Yes, there is parking available at the venue but it's limited so we also offer secured parking off site as well.  This is approx 800m up the road and is monitored throughout the event and secure.  There will be shuttles running throughout the day if you ever needed to access you car.

During your registration, you will be asked to drop your gear with our volunteers and then continue to park your car off site.  You will then be shuttled back to the gate where we will help you register and take your bags to your room.

Do you have security?


Yes, we will have security on site throughout the weekend but your items are still your responsibility.  So, please leave any really special and valuable items at home if you can.

​Is the event Wheelchair friendly?


Yes, there is wheelchair access to classes as well as dormitories, bathrooms and toilets.  Please just state what you require in our special requirements when booking your ticket.​


Can I bring alcohol?


Now, this is a BYO event but we do encourage wine only.  We understand if you would like to enjoy a glass of wine, but please be respectful on what (and how much) you bring into the event.

Is there WIFI available?

No, sorry there is no WIFI available at the venue.

What is the phone reception like?

It's not great, but you can get some reception in various spots around the venue.  Telstra seems to be the best and works, but there is limited phone reception for other carriers. 


​How much for a ticket?

Each ticket is $750, plus a $15 booking fee.  To see the breakdown on what your ticket includes, please just visit our ticketing page here.  Once you have purchased your ticket, you can also purchase an upgraded accommodation option if you liked.  We have various levels of accommodation, from camping and dorms (which are included in your ticket) through to upgraded rooms and Glamping.  Accommodation options are detailed here

​Can I buy tickets for me and a friend?

Yes, you can purchase up to 4 x tickets at a time. 

​Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, t
his year we will be offering a payment option, where you can secure your ticket early and pay your ticket off during the year. Now you can choose what you pay and when you pay it, all through your own secure payments page. Maybe you want to pay weekly? Maybe you want to pay lump sums at various times? You can choose your own payment plan to suit you, while securing your place at the festival.

Are tickets refundable? 

No, tickets are non-refundable.

​Can tickets be transferred to someone else?

Tickets can be transferred up to a week before the event.

What is the 'Meet the Makers' dinner?

We have an optional 'Meet the Makers' dinner and pre registration on the Friday night for those who would like to join us the night before.  This is available to purchase on top of your ticket price for $65.  This includes extra accommodation on Friday night, 'Meet the Makers' dinner as well as breakfast on Saturday morning.



​Can I choose what workshops I want to do and when do I choose my workshops?

You will get the opportunity to select your workshops when booking your ticket.  We do have limited capacity in each workshop so this will be on a first in, first served basis. You can see what workshops are available on the workshop page here.

​How many workshops do I get to do during the festival?

You will have 4 x workshops over the three days.

​When will I know what workshops I will be attending?

Your finalised workshop schedule will be available to you throughout the festival, but will also be available online for you to view before the event as well. As mentioned, we do have limited capacity in each workshop and we will try our very best to place you into your desired selections, but this does depend on the facilitators schedule and the availability of your chosen workshop priorities throughout the event. We're very confident you'll love all the workshops you've selected as your priorities as we have made sure that we have some of the best fibre artists from Australia and NZ joining us!

What happens if a Facilitator cancels?

Sadly, this happens and is obviously out of our control.   If this does happen and affects you, we will work with you individually to make sure you have a replacement workshop that you are happy with.


Is accommodation included within my ticket?


Yes, you have BYO camping or a bed in our dorms included within your ticket.  

Can I choose my accommodation and upgrade?​

Yes you can upgrade.  We have various levels of accommodation, from camping and dorms through to single rooms and Glamping.  Accommodation options are detailed here and you can choose your selection when purchasing a ticket. 

Do I need to bring my own bedding?

Yes, you will need to provide your own bedding and pillow unless it is a part of an upgraded ticket.  If you are travelling and wanted us to provide bedding for you we can for an additional fee.  This will include a pillow, 2 x single sheets, a blanket and a towel.


The mattresses can 'squeak' as they have a plastic cover, so we recommend bringing a topper or fitted sheet for the bottom mattress as well to make it more comfortable for you. 

​Can I bring a tent and camp?

Yes you can if that's what you'd like to do, just select 'BYO Camping' when booking.  This is free and included in your ticket.  We do have limited camping space available though.

Could I come up earlier and stay?

Yes, we have an optional 'Meet the Makers' dinner and pre registration on the Friday night that you can purchase on top of your ticket price for $65.  This includes extra accommodation on Friday night, 'Meet the Makers' dinner as well as breakfast on Saturday morning.


​We are a Nut FREE event

The venue is a Nut Free Zone!  So, this means they can not have any nuts or nut milks on site whatsoever.  Including almond. We will have milk options, including soy milk but please no nut milks.  If you have a very specific milk requirement (like goat) please just bring these along with you as we can't guarantee we will have your specific selection. 

Are all meals catered for?

Yes, all meals from when you arrive to when you leave are catered for.


What about snacks?

We offer free fruit in between meals, but if you require other snacks please bring these along with you.  Remember no nuts though.

Do you offer tea & coffee?

Yes we have a free tea & coffee station that is going all day and night!  A selection of high quality organic teas and coffee whenever you need a nice cuppa.

​Do you cater for special dietary requirements?

Yes we sure do!  When you sign up we will ask you what your requirements will be.


​How do I get to the venue?

It's very easy.  It's being held in the hinterland on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland near Yandina.  It's only 15 minutes off the Bruce Highway, which is approx 2 hours from the Gold Coast and approx 1 1/2 hours from Brisbane City. 


Maranatha Recreation Camp,

275 Wappa Falls Rd,




​What if I'm travelling interstate or from outside of Australia?  

You can choose to fly into the Brisbane or Sunshine Coast airports.   The Sunshine Coast Airport is closer, approx 20 mins from the venue, but please be aware it is a smaller airport and may not be available for some flights.  The Brisbane Airport is approx an hour from the venue, depending on traffic. Also, travel insurance is required for all participants travelling interstate or internationally to the festival. Travel insurance should provide coverage against trip cancellation, travel interruption, personal accident, personal liability and medical expenses.

How do I get to the venue from the airport?

We recommend Con-X-ion as your transfer option as they are the cheapest.  A transfer cost approx $65 each way from Brisbane Airport and they will drop you at the Ginger Factory approx 5 minutes from the venue.  Click here to apply a 10% discount to your booking.  We are happy to come and collect you, but we will need to know at least a week before so we can schedule to collect you.  

Ideally ride sharing is the best and cheapest option when it comes to transport. 

What about ride sharing or Carpooling? 

You can request a ride share through www.coseats.com as well as join our Facebook group HERE.   Please use these if you would like to connect with others.  We can't guarantee others will use these services, but we are trying to create places for you to connect with others and make it a little easier. 


  • Bedding - sheets & a blanket for a single bed and a pillow (unless you paid for an upgrade)

  • The mattresses can 'squeak' as they have a plastic cover, so we recommend bringing a topper or fitted sheet for the bottom mattress as well to make it more comfortable for you.

  • Your tools if you wanted to bring them.  All resources are covered, but if you have specific tools you love to use (needles, scissors etc) please bring them with you.

  • Swim wear & rain coat - prepare for rain and for heat!

  • A hat

  • Sunscreen

  • Insect repellent 

  • Reusable water bottle

  • BYO Cup

  • A blanket for watching live music or relaxing by the river

  • Snacks - remember no nuts though!


Can I be a part of the Fibre Arts Market?

Yes you can!  We have created the market as a place for you to be able to trade, gift and sell your art and crafts. As an artist you sometimes don't get the chance to buy others art, so here you will have this chance.  Basically, after lunch on the final day of the festival, you will have the chance to set up a blanket (or table) to display and sell your work. 

​What do I need to bring for the Fibre Art Market?

You can choose to display art you've created over the weekend or bring some some with you.  This is a way to promote yourself, your own art and crafts or even workshops you offer.  There is a small fee to cover a table and chair if you needed one or you are welcome to set up your own blanket.


Want to get in touch?

Before getting in touch, please make sure you have had a good look around and have read our information page, ticketing and accommodation pages.  These will most likely answer your questions, otherwise please get in touch.

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